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The Constitution was a result of multiple legislations. democracies. compromises. populations.

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on August 24, 2018

The correct answer is to compromise.The development of the Constitution of the united states took place in the Constitutional Convention of 1787. This debate about how to fix the U.s. government resulted in several commitments. Here are some examples: (1) Connecticut (Great) Compromise of This commitment helped to determine representation in Congress. This resulted in the combination of elements of the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan. The Connecticut Compromise result in each state has two Senators, regardless of its size. This is an idea taken from the New Jersey Plan. Along with this, the Connecticut Compromise also calls for the number of representatives in the house of Representatives to be based on population. This was taken from the Virginia plan. 2) the Implementation of a new constitution - During the Constitutional Convention, many of the anti-federalists simply wanted to change (modify) the Articles of Confederation. On the other hand, many of the federalists wanted to create a completely new government. The anti-federalists agreed to a new constitution, but only if the new constitution contained a declaration of rights. This was agreed, resulting in a new constitution, with a bill of rights.

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