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The boron atom of BBr3 has one atomic orbital. two atomic orbitals. three hybrid orbitals. four hybrid orbitals.

William Cain

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1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on August 19, 2018

Answer: The boron atom has three hybrid orbitalsExplanation: the Hybridization of the molecule can be calculated by: .....(1)where,V = number of valence electrons of the central metal atomH = number of monovalent atomsC = cationic chargeA = anionic chargeHere, electronic configuration of B = Number of valence electrons = 3Number of monovalent atoms = 3Cationic load = 0Anionic load = 0Putting these values in the equation 1, it is to getAs the Hybridization is 3, which means that boron has 3 hybrid orbitals.

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