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The Bessemer process created strong, lightweight (1 point) steel. oil. iron. coal.

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on February 3, 2019

United States history A Unit 2: Industrialization of the united States.1.A Steel2.A Laissez-faire3.B Asia 4.C Dramatically Expanded5.D Were a variety of musical drama, songs, and comedy.6.B Grown in many different ways.7.B Was the last conflict between Native Americans and the government.8.B african americans who fled the South after Reconstruction.9.B The invention of barbed wire.10.One Of The Jim Crow Laws.11.D The National Grange.12.C The Style of the Politics in the united States.13.C Populist Leader.14.D All of the above.15.B Was arrested for voting in an election in New York.16.D filling important Government positions with party supporters.17.C To Be Trained In The Craft.All the answers are correct, guaranteed. Good Luck! I hope I helped:)

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