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The atom with the same number of neutrons as 12c is

Samantha Barber

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on January 28, 2019

The answer is: the boron (11B).1) of Carbon (12C) is the element with atomic number 6 and mass number 12. The atomic number (Z) is the number of protons, which is the characteristic of a chemical element.Z(C) = p⁺ = 6.A = p⁺ + n°; the mass number is the total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus. A(C) = 12.n°(C) = 12 - 6.n°(C) = 6; the number of neutrons.2) Boron (11B) is the element with atomic number 5 and the number of mass 11.Z(B) = p⁺ = 5.A(B) = 11.n°(B) = 11 - 5.n°(B) = 6; the number of neutrons in boron.

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