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The area of this circle is 42π m². What is the area of a 60º sector of this circle? 6π m² 7π m² 14π m² 21π m²

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on September 4, 2018

We will resolve this question by using the formula for the area of a sector of a circle. We know that the area, a, of A sector of a circle is given by:Where is the angle subtended by the sector at the center of the circle. Also, we know that in our case .Now, we know that it is only the area of the original circle in question here, that has been given to us .Therefore, the required area of the sector in question here is:therefore, the area of a 60º sector of this circle is m^2.Therefore, the second option is the correct option.

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