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The advantages of being an only child?

Jodi Brooks

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1 answer

Roger Moore on June 29, 2018

I like to be an only child. Here's why.... -You can live a comfortable life. My parents are very rotten, sometimes I would like to get even more toys/clothes/etc., that some of my friendss brothers. We have always lived in peace, more or less. -Yes, there is more attention on you, but I won it! I couldn't come up with things that are easy, and it taught me to be kind, and try my best. I had to be able to make decisions quickly, and to do their job effectively. -I have a close relationship with my family and it is always very important. I think I'm better at making friends because I understand it better than people. I also think that I became more Mature because I was always around adults. They say that you can only get. Well that was sometimes. But it gets lonely when, right? I became independent and learned to live at my expense. I can't always be asking big brother or sis to help, isn't it? And when he was younger, Yes, was a bit more difficult to play "pretend" by itself. But enriched my imagintion, not older brothers telling me my games were silly or unrealistic. I read a lot as well. Reading is always good. So there you have it! Eyesight one child. Hope this helped! =)

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