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The advantage and disadvantages of being an only child in the family?

Zach Chandler

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1 answer

1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on July 11, 2018

Advantages · Have your own room, · no need to fight for attention of parents. If you are having a hard time at school, parents will find additional help that you need. The same can be done if there are brothers, but there is more chance that you will receive the necessary assistance. · has no brothers to get in trouble. Weaknesses · no One to play with. You can get bored easily. · Sometimes it may not be social, and how alone. When you're a kid, you only need to participate in activities to be around other children he own age. · there is No model to follow. As a rule, spend a lot of time with adults, because no one else on whom to look. Posted By: Abdirahman Hussein Dhiblawe

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