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That schedule make that list of student loans in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on August 10, 2018

Probably doesn't matter since most student loans arenon-load (see 11 USC § 523 (a) (8), which says that studentloans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy if they are "for profit aneducational overpayment or loan, the fact, the insured or guaranteedby the unit of government, or indeed in any program financed in wholeor place a government Agency or nonprofit organization, or Foran's obligations to repay funds received as income from education,scholarships or fellowships, except if the debt dischargeunder this paragraph will impose an excessive burden on the debtor debtorand�'s dependent."). If they dischargeablenature (rarely), I put usually in the Watch " F as collateral,not a priority, creditors. If they are not downloadable range(most of them), as a rule, the list in Annex E andlist as a "tax or other government loan." Please note thatnothing in this publication or any other publication is legaladvice, this is just my understanding of the facts that my nose is fine, and I'm not saying any course of action orinaction any person.

Yes, you list of student loans in your request for bankruptcy.You will need a list of them in Schedule F. you need to be sure tonote this debt in the Consolidated statistics (Form 6) in accordance with the type ofliability "Credit for Students."

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