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Suggest some good topics for seminar related to microbiology?

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on March 10, 2019

The first you can choose is the history of microbiology that can be said about the principles of microbiology. Then, you can go with topics of basic techniques of microbiology some of them are: Sterlization ,Preservation, Isolation, Microbial nutrition and growth, different types of growth media. There are some topics which are specific like Bacterial classification and there diseases or you can choose other microorganisms like viruses or fungi. There are topics on industrial bases like: strain improvement, products extracted from microorganisms like antibiotics, enzymes, etc, then you can choose topics like biofertilizers, microbes in alcohol production. Other one is micorbial diseases and their control. In the end, you can choose the topic of the genetic microbial and if think politically you can choose bioterrorism. You could also approach microbiology through big philosophical ideas, such as: What is the definition of life? Why do things metabolize? How many kingdoms are there and what is the definition of each one of them? And so on.

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