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Structural engineering computer engineering electrical engineering mechanical engineering chemical engineering or architecture among this which is the best field and we can earn a lot?

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

1 answer

Justin Parker on December 8, 2018

Salary is based on what someone is willing to pay, and that is usually based on your perception of what you can achieve for them. Salary, earning potential, and marketability are not only determined by the type of field that are at the degree that you possess. Depends on your position within that field, the institution in which you work, your experience, knowledge, personal skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, dedication and commitment to the work, and more. Therefore, the salary is not much, it depends on the type of degree as much as it depends on the person who has the title. Still, if you have a specific occupational title, you can retrieve the estimate of the average annual wage particular to that occupation.

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