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State five null hypothesis which are one tailed?

Donald Ward

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on March 22, 2018

One-tailed null hypotheses are directional. A null hypothesis should be the opposite of what you expect to show. The terms "queue" and "directional" can be considered synonymous. That, basically, means that the hypothesis has a single way of being disproved.

1. Drug "A" is not going to cause an increase in height. (can only be rebutted if there is an increase in the height)
2. There are a greater number of bicycles than there are cars used for transportation in the city. (only disproved if cars are more numerous)
3. More people eat pizza than hot dogs. (only disproved if more people eat hot dogs)
4. More people wear raincoats instead of using umbrellas (only disproved if more people use umbrella)
5. Person "A" has siblings. (disproved only if person does not have brothers)

Two-tailed null hypotheses are non-directional. These hypotheses basically have more than one possible outcome that disprove them.

1. Drug "A" will not cause a change in the height. (increase or decrease in height disproves hypothesis)

2. Bicycles are the most common form of transport in the city. (disproved more people use cars, walk, subway, bus, etc)
3. More people eat pizza than any other food. (disproved if hot dogs, burgers, pasta, steaks are more popular)
4. Most people wear raincoats to keep dry from the rain (disproved if more people use umbrellas, ponchos, etc)
5. Person "A" has 5 siblings. (disproved if person has 0-4 siblings or 6-infinity siblings)

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