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Speed is measured in what?

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1 answer

William Cain on January 18, 2020

Speed of propulsion is measured as the ratio of the distance traveled and the time taken to cover that distance. The International System is defined by the combined unit of speed as m/s (meters per second). Derived from common units of km/h (kilometers per hour) or the imperial mph (miles per hour). Many other derived units are in use, but all are derived from the base of the unit m/s through the linear factors of distance and time. The speed can also mean the speed of execution, for example in a computer. This would be measured in units of instructions per second (e.g., MIPS, mega-instructions per second or floating point operations per second (for example, GFLOPS, giga floating point operations per second). Other units of the speed of execution is defined by specific algorithms, collectively known as points of reference.

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