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Spanish Homework Help?!?!? Oraciones Write sentences using the information provided. Use the preterite and make any necessary changes. Modelo ¿adónde / ir / (usted) / vacaciones? ¿Adónde fue usted de vacaciones? 1. anteayer / Danilo / ir / playa 2. ¿cómo / ser / tus vacaciones / Perú? 3. yo / ser / presidente / club de ciencias 4....; Thank you soooo much :D First semester of college spanish ^^; and I am sinking like a rock

Kathy Robinson

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1 answer

Megan Page on June 21, 2018

Past tense is one of tenses that are often used in Spanish in daily speech and writing. It is a past time that is used for events that have already happened. All of these verbs are irregular, so you would need to learn their past tense forms of heart.1. Danilo went to the beach the day before yesterday.2. How were your holidays in Peru?3. I was the president of science club.

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