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Simplify the product. 5b(6b-10) A.11b-10 B.5b^2+6b-10 C.-b - 10 D.60b^2-50b

Mindee Nelson

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Samantha Barber on March 24, 2018

Your answer is D for their Work purposes:Multiply b and 5Multiply b and 1 b are just copied along.5*b evaluates to 5bMultiply b and 6Multiply b and 16*b evaluates to 6b6*b-10 is evaluated to 6b-10Multiply 5b, by 6b-10Multiply 5b for each term in 6b-10 term by term.This is the distributive property of multiplication.Multiply 5b and 6bMultiply the b and bmultiply b and bCombine the b and b by adding the exponents, and keeping the b, to obtain b25b × 6b =Multiply 5b and 10Multiply b and 15b x -10 = -50b5*b*(6*b-10***The final answer is 30b2-50b***

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