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Should you have a boyfriend in fifth grade?

Caroline Campbell

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1 answer

1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on August 31, 2019

I have a boyfriend and I am in 5th grade. I think that it is good to have a boyfriend, but not to be serious. You can hang with him, but doesn't go very far. I hope this helped! :-), I'm in 5th grade, and a LOT of people have boyfriends...Even my best friend: (I don't though. This guy I really like, and I like it, but we don't know how to ask each other I guess...Good luck I have one and it makes me so happy, he is so sweet, but if you like it really doesn't go very far, you will stop liking u Ur only in th5th grade just hold hands and hug, nothing more Unless you ask the girl.You could be luky.Or it may not.Because you could say that your smell or things like that.tell me if you did and my gmail account is:smartmason@gmail.comif you want more infermation send me a e-mail?

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