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Should women education continue to be prevented in Syria and Afghanistan?   

Since women’s rights are a hot button issue now. I could not help but think about the fight of women in patriarchal societies. This situation has created a gender equality situation regarding the discussion of social issues in education. It is said that the cultural belief of these countries should be respected by other nations. However, the women of these two countries continue to fight for their right to women education. Should education for all be implemented in Syria and Afghanistan?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on June 11, 2018

We have all heard the horror stories like genital mutilation, rape, child brides, and murder of young women because of the desire to get an education for women. These crimes happen to them because the women refuse to be traditional. They desire to evolve with the world. The women realize that this is a social issue in education that should not be ignored.

The United Nations and worldwide human rights groups have acknowledged the importance of women from these two countries gaining an education. Without educated females, these countries will eventually find a glut in their employment as the men in the country begin to diversify their professional roles, leaving an employment shortage because the number of men will no longer be enough to perform the tasks. This is a situation that inclusive education would be able to address by having them fill in the roles no longer fillable by men. Women in these countries can change the future of their countries. Most of the women in Syria and Afghanistan have shown remarkable STEM abilities and can potentially develop the scientific field of their countries in a manner that men could not due to a difference in their mindsets.  

However, they are prevented by their society, both men and women alike who think in a traditional manner, from achieving their dreams. Therefore, the international community needs to do its part in helping to promote a genderless education policy in the aforementioned countries. Equal educational opportunity among genders is something that is strongly promoted and supported by international governments because the contribution of women to the development of their country is acknowledged as having a positive impact on the country.

Female education in Syria and Afghanistan should not be prevented because the country will die a natural death if this trend continues. The mindset of the men, who were raised to believe that women are the weaker sex and useful only as a sex toy, housekeeper, and child carrier to create a traditional family needs to be changed so that women can have a chance to flourish and prove their worth as a contributor to the development of their respective countries and societies.  In favor of traditional roles are per their culture and traditions means the women do not achieve their full potential as a human being. They become the living dead. 

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

It is important to acknowledge the importance of women education in Syria and Afghanistan. However, the international community should not lose sight of the fact that those countries are sovereign and cannot be forced to change their ways. These countries already allow for co-educational facilities up to a certain level. Just because their cultural beliefs regarding education are different from the ones that are used in the Western hemisphere doesn’t mean that this should become a societal learning concern. The UN member nations should realize that they cannot dictate to an independent country. Rather, they may only make “helpful” suggestions regarding their concern and leave the decision regarding a woman’s right to education in Syria and Afghanistan. Other countries just need to understand what makes them different and respect it. 

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