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Should we prevent parents from seeking the services of a private tutor?

The government has initiated policies aimed at ensuring students have specific time and dates for the learning process. Therefore, schools have a mandate to teach students by following the set up time. However, we have noted that there is an increase in the number of parents hiring a private tutor for their students. I believe that this is ethically and morally wrong, since it denies students the right to play and engage in other social activities.

However, I stand to be corrected. Some of you may argue that a one on one tutoring is beneficial because it improves the grades of students. Education is not all about academic scores, but also the impartation of life skills. Therefore, as educators, we need to know whether to promote tuition, by providing tutor search services to parents. We all know how difficult it is to get a professional and experienced private teacher.

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 29, 2018

The decision on whether to ban or allow parents to seek the services of a private tutor depends on a number of things. For instance, if your aim is to ensure that students have enough time to engage in other social and physical activities, after normal hours of study, then, you can initiate policies that prevent parents from hiring personal tutors for their students. However, the consequences of such an action can be grave. This is because it may reduce the capabilities of children to perform well in their academic initiatives.

Moreover, students who may be affected by such kind of a ban are academically weak students. This is because tutoring services normally help them to understand the various concepts that are being taught in class, and improve their academic capabilities. For instance, private tutoring provides a one on one tutoring experience that is beneficial to a student. A one on one tutor experience is beneficial to a student because he gets all the attention from the teacher, the lessons are designed to suit his need, so are the teaching strategies. Therefore, preventing parents from seeking the services of a private tuition provider may jeopardize the academic future and potential of weak students.

Furthermore, before banning the provision of tutoring services, there is a need of looking at the structure of the modern classroom, and identify why weak students will carry out a search for tutors. The modern classroom has about 30 students, and each of these students has different capabilities. Moreover, they have different rates of understanding, strengths and limitations. Therefore, their learning needs cannot be addressed in the few hours a teacher is assigned to them. Their parents will be forced to search for a tutor, to complement the efforts of a teacher in school.

The notion that private tutorship prevents other areas of a child’s development is false and far-fetched. This is because home based teachers normally take a small portion of a child’s time, and the studies are normally carried out during spare time. Moreover, good academic schools have designed their lessons plans, to teach students some important life skills that can be used in their
future endeavors.

Basing on these facts, it is not wise to ban parents from accessing the services of tutors. It will be at a disadvantage of weak students, whose primary aim to access these services is to improve their academic capabilities.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

In my view, it is unacceptable for education policy formulators to contemplate banning the use of a private tutor. From this answer, we learn that weak students are in need of these tutors, to help them improve their academic capabilities. This is an important point raised, and I agree with it. However, a private academic instructor does not only benefit weak students. There has been an increase in the need of their services because of increased competition to access top performing
higher institutions of learning. Universities such as Harvard, Princeton, etc. normally recruit students who have performed well in classes.

They have a high academic requirement standard; thus, parents are forced to seek the services of a tutor, to improve the performance of their children. Furthermore, it is not against the laws of the country to hire a private tutor. On this basis, I agree with the answer that banning private
learning is unacceptable, and it should not be encouraged.

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