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Should I use the services of college tutors?

I plan on getting college tutors for my kids in college. They’ve just informed me about their continuous failure in certain core courses particularly, English and this has been a concern to me. Will getting them a private English tutor be of help or should I just encourage them to work harder? It’s really hard for me as I get disappointed when my kids fail at school and honestly, the last thing I want to do is to put up a notice that says “tutor wanted”. So, I was wondering if anyone could provide some helpful advice.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on October 10, 2018

Please note that learning is a never-ending process. If you don’t want your kids to keep failing at school, I suggest you provide them with private English tutors. It will definitely bring them a whole lot good than harm. I remember my friend once told me she wanted a tutor for her child but was afraid that it could be a total waste of time and money. I told her that every effort she makes and every resource she spends on her child is never a waste whether or not she is getting the expected result.

You cannot give up on your child’s education till you begin to see good results. The thing that your kids are failing at school is nothing to be ashamed of. You only have to get them home tutors. The idea behind this is to improve children and believe me, it works if they are ready to co-operate. Co-operation has always been an issue for most parents and you can’t force a child to co-operate if he/she is not willing. As much as possible, try to encourage your kids to co-operate with their tutors.

Encouragement can occur in the form of promising them something (take them to the zoo or any other fun place, bring them a bowl of ice-cream, for example) if they do their best studying.
It’s important to have a very high level of understanding of children’s psychology. Believe me, you’ll do everything within your ability to keep them involved in studying. Sometimes it takes a lot to make them study. Private tutoring comes with specific benefits. Its major benefit to parents is that it saves them unnecessary worry and unrest over their kids’ low performance at school. It a;so makes children more independent at school as they understand more. They don’t have to depend on their mates during exams or tests. They become even more positive about school work in the sense that they don’t always have to complain about how difficult a particular subject is since they become more familiar with it during home tutorials. Getting a college tutor for your child is therefore advisable.

Kyle Mckinney7 months ago

You don’t necessarily have to put up a notice that says “tutor wanted” before you could get your child a very skilled tutor. In fact, I think that if your children study at college they can hire a tutor for themselves. To get the best tutors, they can ask professors at a college to help them. Another way to get good tutors is by asking their friends for help. Maybe they know some good tutors so they could recommend them. There is also a third option that is surfing the internet for tutors but I think that it is not always the best idea.  

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