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Should I take UNM continuing education courses for personal growth?

I am an elementary school tutor, and I am looking for continuing online education for teachers. I have worked in a private school for six years now.  I have always been satisfied with my job and my whole routine. However, I have lately been aloof. There is a constant feeling of dissatisfaction that has been bothering me.

It’s not that I don’t know about personal development, but being so comfortable with my life, I didn’t think it was for me. I’m considering UCLA continuing education or UNM continuing education. Can they help me achieve personal growth?

Frank Nichols

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on June 27, 2018

Continuing education UNM is an excellent platform for self-enrichment. Courses are classified depending on your goal and the purpose of your study. With numerous courses for adults, you cannot miss getting a course that suits you.

However, continuing education is just one way of achieving personal growth. You need to do a lot to achieve growth and personal satisfaction. Steps you can take to develop professionally and in your life:

Pursue teachers’ continuing education courses online. Take classes that are relevant to your specific audience.

Over-deliver on your goals: the best way to stay satisfied is never to bite more than you can chew. Don’t commit to something you aren’t sure if you can deliver. Negotiate deadlines that you know you can deliver and be 100% confident while doing it. Try to deliver earlier than the deadline.

Search for opportunities in your job: you can volunteer for projects and collateral jobs. Be proactive and participate in these projects. Once you excel in a particular assignment, you will learn and grow as well. Let your supervisor be in the know so that they can assign you to your company’s unique projects.

Ask for help: while working on a new project, it may be wise to seek assistance or guidance from others who have gone through the same and learned from inevitable mistakes. Asking for help is in fact assign of strength.

Fix what’s broken: if something doesn’t work right, fix it. It could be something physical or a system. Find the reason why it is broken, mend it and make sure it won’t break again.

Understand your talents and strengths: just the way you would choose a course at continuing education UCLA, you should be aware of the strong areas of your personality and ways of doing most things.

Establish a healthy emotional support system: nobody can and should live alone in this world. Everyone requires a touching base to fall back to. Your emotional support is mostly your family. Keep relationships with close members of your family healthy and strong.

Keep the deadlines you have set: avoid procrastinating your work or personal assignments as it doesn’t get the job done. Additionally, constant or frequent late work will only kill your career. However, if you realize that there is no way that you can meet the deadline, talk to your supervisor early and if possible negotiate for a new deadline. 

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

Self-development is perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of growth. One point I want to make clear is that personal development is not dependent on your career or personal success. It is a continuing process that every individual regardless of career path should pursue. It is a process that creates awareness of who you are with the aim of fulfilling your aspirations and dreams in life.

If you have that feeling of constant dissatisfaction, you probably have another deeper rooted issue that needs to be solved not just through continuing education for teachers. Soul searching is necessary to analyze and put everything on the table. Start your growth journey today and feel reenergized and reconnected with your life. Begin with small practical goals at first. Commit to meeting these goals and hold yourself accountable if you don’t do so. Motivate yourself to continue doing what you started and keep at it. 

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