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Should I have a self development plan?

I recently read a self-help book on how to achieve your career success and your personal development goals. The book was very insightful but there was a lot of content that emphasized on creating a self development plan to achieve your goals. However, I do not know the reason why I would require a development plan. I would appreciate information on this matter. I have no experience creating a development plan, and I would appreciate help on how I could come up with a good one. I would also appreciate any suggestions on personal development skills examples I could adapt as I come up with the plan.

Theresa Perry

in Self Improvement

1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on June 14, 2018

A few years ago a life coach helped me in finding my path to grow myself as an individual. I was required to come up with a development plan as part of the process. At first, I thought it was pointless however I later figured the significance of self-development plans.

  •    Visualises your outcome

Creating a development plan gives you a rough idea of what to expect at the end of your development journey. Once you have laid out a plan for how you will work towards your goals, it becomes easy to picture your final decision. Having a plan gives more to your development process, and that is a bigger picture of the outcome.

  •    Acts as a guideline

Anything done in life needs to have a plan, whenever an individual anticipated to do something they first come up with a plan to follow that will lead to their final objective. When you draw up a plan, it will act as a guide throughout the development process. The plan will act as a reference to track your progress. Whenever you feel lost, you could always go back to your plan to refer.

  •    Gives you a better grip

Planning always gives confidence to the planner; with a plan an individual is assertive. Planning gives an individual a firmer grip on things; it gives you confidence that you have things under control. You have solid knowledge of when and where to execute a strategy and when to use an example of personal development skill. When an individual feels they have control over something they become competent to make better decisions on matters personal development.

  •    Minimises risks

When embarking on one’s personal development, no one wants to face any failures or challenges in the process. It may be challenging to eliminate risks however with a plan you can significantly cut down on the chances of the risks. With a plan, you will be able to anticipate the risks you may face and then come up with a plan that eradicated the risk or a solution to curb the risk.

  •    Provides clarity

A plan points out what to do as it is systematic. With clear and straightforward strategies it becomes easier to avoid frustrations that are likely to occur or when things become cloudy. By pointing out things an individual can go back to the plan for clarification of any matters. 

Jeffrey Rodriguez11 months ago

I agree that having self-development plan is essential for thriving personal development progress. Without it the chances of your failing in the course of your success are high. A plan is as essential as the skills required to have progressive development. To answer your question, there are different skills you can incorporate while planning out your development plan and these include time management, public speaking, assertiveness, and self-confidence. Development skills and development plans are intertwined, and both are important if you want to achieve maximum personal development progress. The plan you set is what will determine the outcome of your success. Using a plan will help you ensure you maintain the necessary focus to be able to attain personal growth. 

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