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Should I choose American Education Services to help fund my college education?

It’s not uncommon these days to turn to loans for students when faced with payment hurdles in struggling to complete college. Economic inflation has increasingly served to enhance college completion problems for many students, hence the need to get information about American Education Services. I have come to understand that this is a renowned lending company. With tuition costs soaring, I need to know how to apply for student loans. How do I discover student loan solutions to cover my educational expenses and acquire enough financial help to fulfill my academic goals?

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on October 26, 2018

It is definitely a good idea to get acquainted with the American Education Services (AES) if you’re struggling to get through college but lack funds to do so. Millions of students have been able to receive both private and federal loans from this student loan service; one of the largest student loan providers in the U.S.

AES was founded in 1963 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly and is based in Harrisburg, PA. It helped service loans through the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) till 2010. AES still services the loans granted by the federal government to millions of borrowers who took them for financing their college education. At present, more than four million students have their loans serviced by AES.

AES services numerous newer federal loans and offers a few private loan options for those borrowers who don’t qualify for federal aid or require a blend of both federal and private aid. AES is dedicated to properly educating its borrowers on the student loan application process as well as their repayment options.

How it works: AES performs just like any other student loan servicer; handles the monthly billing of a loan payment and responds to any questions concerned with repayment or consolidation of loans. However, the difference is that with AES, students are helped to pay for college in devising a comprehensive plan servicing both federal and private loans.

There are numerous students requiring a mix of both federal and private loans in order to cover their entire college-related costs; it’s a lot simpler to conduct monthly payments to a single servicer than to multiple ones.

How to make payments: There are a variety of ways to make student loan payments like the traditional options of paying through mail or telephone; the latest include making payments online or via mobile phone.

It is also highly convenient to go to the AES website, sign up for an account and gain access to available loans as well as a library of resources. Their online portal offers assistance to borrowers if they choose to arrange for making monthly single payments, scheduling up to eight advance payments every 60 days or availing of the direct debit program. The direct debit program enables borrowers to attain an interest rate reduction on their automatically debiting payment from a valid checking account

Since AES is one of the few organizations with approval from the Department of Education for servicing federal student loans, it can be expected to make quality discoveries of student loan complications here.

Larry Warren2 years ago

American Education Services is a very impressive organization providing a wealth of information on student loans; it has over 50 years experience. Apart from the information available on its website, which has both English and Spanish versions, AES has several ancillary websites providing valuable resources for both students and their families. One example is You Can Deal With It; outlining post-graduate success and strategies for student loan repayment. Another is the; this assists in discovering career options for college students, finding schools, and learning more about opportunities related to student aid. AES representatives may be contacted through its social channels and online live-chat option too.

Moreover, AES helps borrowers to refinance or consolidate their loans with a lower interest rate accumulation. Even though it is convenient to consolidate directly with your provider, it is greatly advisable to shop interest rates. For refinancing purposes, there’s always the possibility that your loan provider may not be offering the most competitive rate.

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