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Should children be able to have under-age relationships?

Annie Barnes

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Zach Chandler on January 6, 2018

I think that once you are in high school, around 16, or better still, from the 17, which should be able to leave with someone within their age group with limitations and monitoring of parents. It is important to allow your child to grow and experience things, but there is also a way to do this in order to stay safe and out of trouble. each parent(s) have their own points of view on this topic, so it is completely up to the parent(s) of how you want to control the situation of minors in age dating. but if you put strict demands of their children will be more likely to act and get to the rebellion. children want their parents to understand them and care about their decisions and desires, and what is more important to know that your parent(s) are listening to them.. Any age under 16 years of age, with 16 being the lowest age, in my opinion it is too early to be dating. you are still young teens. there is a time for everything in one's life based on their maturity. that is why younger teenagers should not be dating because their maturity level is not high enough to do such things.

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