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Should all Big Data programs be based on IMS?

As a future Data Science masters student, my interest in the original IMS platforms stemmed from its basis in NASA exploration. It lent itself to online learning management system on a more commercial basis. Several versions of the software were acknowledged as the best online learning platforms of its kind for Big Data. Since business is evolving to become Big Data based, IMS has begun to become more commercial, in the application. So, should it become the de-facto software for Big Data collection?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on April 24, 2018

When banks began shifting to a computerized state of record keeping, they turned to IBM for help. IBM modified their original management software for use in the banking industry. Later the banks figured out that the software being used allowed for the use of a virtual training tool for businesses. The commercial banking website allowed for immediate information gathering as the user perused the online site. This allowed the banking industry to educate their backroom software developers about the various uses that the program allowed them to develop.

In particular, the banking software developers were happy to use an integrated online training set up. IBM also realized the potential for the program to create various data presentations for its commercial users and the company began promoting the system as such, distancing itself from the scientific application of the program in favor of more mainstream and useful Big Data collection applications. Due to the versatility of the IMS programs, it seemed silly not to use the software to its fullest potential in a field where it can do the most help to the commercial user. Considering all the options, versions, and applications of the software, it does not seem like there is a software program that can take the place of IMS as a tool for Big Data collection. The existence of this program modernized the banking industry and removed the paper-based information system of banks. The importance of the system cannot be stressed enough when one considers that China purchased the software for use in their own banking industry. Commercial software developers have ensured that this proprietorial software will continue to be in use for a long period of time by learning how to run the management system in a manner that increases the data collected by the system for future use. Since this is a pioneering software, there will be imitators, but so far, only IMS has been the software of choice for banking transactions. These considerations have made the choice of IMS for big data collection a no-brainer. It is the best system by which big data can be efficiently collected, regardless of the commercial application. This is the mother software for bulk information collection and should, therefore, be the software used for this specific commercial purpose. After all, the same software can be tweaked depending upon big data that needs to be collected.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

I am not sure if IMS should be the de-facto software for big data collection. There is other data collection software out there that is newer, faster, and more efficient in terms of a management system that learns about the online activities of its users. Commercial and financial establishments should be sure to use the management system that best suits their needs. Just because it is the software that started it all doesn’t mean that it should be the only software used. It is important for the users to learn similar software function and how it can improve data collection services for the client. I will admit that users should start with the program that started it all for educational purposes, sticking to that one software isn’t going to do the business any good. Variety is always best for business even if it is only for collecting data and management styles.

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