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Setting error before signing in for aim 6.5?

Daniel King

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1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on May 28, 2018

right after entering your user name and password, click enter to log on, in red letters at the top of your aim states "settings error before sign in". well, for a start.... I have Windows Vista. Most of the other solutions to this problem it seemed to be for the XP operating system. Follow these steps while you have your non-working version installed. I located the folder that contains the content of the GOAL of the program:. computer/c:/program files/aim6. if the folder cannot be deleted, it is possible that windows says that I do not have permission to do so... try and remove as much of the contents inside the folder. also deleted the folder:. c:/users/windows account/appdata/local/aol/aol ocp. if windows does not allow to delete this folder, then delete as much of your content as well. I have written (windows account) instead of the real name or windows account that is having the problem. My other account still worked perfectly fine, while my main account had this problem. now uninstall AIM 6 from the add/remove programs, restart if necessary, and reinstall AIM 6. This should fix the problem.. In the middle of trying to fix this problem, I used my most recent system restore because I was unable to re-install after another method of fixing this error... I hope this helps because I see many people with the same problem, but not the responses of others, and there are no answers from AOL/AIM...

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