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Self introduction in an interview?

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

Dana Keller on January 27, 2018

His self-presentation in an interview is an extremely important part of all the time, especially if the work is going to be in management or sales. Normally has around 20 or 30 seconds to introduce yourself. We call this 'the elevator speech'. The visual contact is very important. You must participate, make eye contact, but not stare down or threaten the other person. The handshake is important, somewhat firm but not crushing. The posture is important. Remaining a little too close, leaning slightly forward if the distances allow, up to the head, the shoulders balanced. You should clearly say your name, what you do, what would you like to do, something that shows that you know something about the company, and how you think you can help the person on the other side of the table. "My name is John Jones and I am an experienced problem solver for marketing departments. I know that you have an opening here on the West Coast Marketing Group, and I understand that you are concerned that your California advertising campaign is not the expected production. I have worked on several successful advertising campaigns and have had great results in improving positioning. I know that I could step into this role and show some progress from the first day. I could say more about what I have done?' The elevator speech should be practiced and ready. You should be able to modify for the circumstances. You must create interest in your portfolio, recommendations, CV or resume. It should not conflict with anything in your cover letter, application form or curriculum vitae. Should not sound 'canned'; you have to be alive. Some people suggest a point of humor or something more personal. Others suggest really emphasizing the successes of the past or knowledge of the business. You have to adapt the speech to your industry ... you can't make the same speech when interviewing for an accountant job in Starbucks as you would like to be the regional marketing manager of Ford.

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