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Select all that apply. Four forms of Nationalism are _____. cultural ethnic religious linguistic geographic political

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

Kristi Hammond on November 16, 2018

Four forms of cultural nationalism ethnic religious politicalGeography and the language (geographical and linguistic factors) may play a role in the formation of nations. But when we talk about types of nationalism, we usually refer to the idea that nationalist sentiment is based.Ethnic nationalism focuses on the exchange of ethnic identity, seen in the common language, racial group, etc Political nationalism focuses on the loyalty to the policy of the state in which you reside--their ideology and political system. In its formation, the united States served as an example of this form of nationalism, the unity around a shared idea.Cultural nationalism is found between ethnic and political nationalism, the incorporation of the features of both. Focuses on the shared traditions within a country. Although it may have some relationship with ethnic in common, the major emphasis is on shared experience and national traditions.The religious nationalism, sees a connection between a particular religious identity and national identity. A Muslim nation that operates under Sharia law would be an example. The united States can also be a example, if/when people described the united states as a "Christian nation" and to see the patriotism, the alignment with the principles of the Christian religion.

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