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Rutgers study abroad: How to choose the best study abroad location for students?

What are the best colleges for study abroad? This is one of the most widely asked questions by scholars and their parents when it comes to choosing education systems abroad. Well, before going abroad for my degree I had to personally do a lot of research and truth of the matter is that it wasn’t an easy undertaking choosing the best study abroad locations for my degree. I want to not only get the best education but also ensure that I do so in a relatively easy way. Any information on simple things that will give me an upper hand will be highly welcome. What are some of the suggestions and tips to students who are planning on enrolling to Rutgers study abroad?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on March 2, 2018

Well, for a number of years I had been thinking that going abroad for further studies is always as simple as packing my bag and boarding the next flight. Now was I wrong? This process is always harder than it seems but nonetheless one that can be achieved with the right knowledge and information.

As a scholar one of the first decision and question I had to make and ask myself was whether studying abroad was fit for me. Going abroad is most definitely an awesome experience more so for somebody like me coming from a developing country, however I had to analyze my situation. If you are also planning on going to Rutgers to study abroad you should ask yourself important questions such as are you ready and willing to adapt to a new culture? How comfortable are you always away from friends and family? Is the education program important to your professionally, personally or academically? If the answers to the above questions are positive and yes then you have the green light to move abroad and pursue your career.

Secondly, you need to decide when and where to study abroad. The goodness with studying abroad is that there are a lot of best locations to study from. As advantageous as this may be, it may also overwhelming to find the best college for study abroad. When it comes to location, you can either decide on a rural or an urban setting. When considering this I would recommend that the scholar and the parents go further than looking at the cost it requires one to live in that location. Look at issues such as how the location impacts on your degree. In addition to costs, consider issues such as language when choosing the location of your academic institution. Language can be a barrier to your education and therefore you should be keen to look for an institution in a location that speaks a language you understand.

Lastly, are you funded? Truth be told, abroad study programs are not cheap affairs. If you are planning on taking your child or yourself, then by all means you must be prepared to spend. This said, funding and scholarship can greatly influence the location of your academic institution choice. Instead of spending a fortune on your education, you can always look for scholarship opportunities and save yourself the huge education expense.

Kurt Pricea year ago

The above suggestions on how to choose the best Rutgers study abroad location makes a lot of sense. Having been a student that transversed a number of continents in the quest for better education abroad, the experience was not favorable. The same situation recently occurred to me when helping my kid on the same, however this time it was more overwhelming considering the increased number of academic institutions we have now.

Studying abroad is an enriching experience both academically and culture wise. Students who go abroad for their education are more competitive in the market as compared to those who do not. Coupled with the above shared suggestions I would recommend anybody planning on venturing into this path to carry out his or her research beforehand. With enough information, choose an institution with the most suitable location for the advancements of your education.

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