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Riley makes a mistake in step 2 while doing her homework. What is the mistake? x/x^2-5x+6 + 3/x+3 Step 1: x/(x-2)(x-3) + 3/x+3 Step 2: x/(x-2)(x+3) + 3(x-2)/(x-2)(x+3) Step 3: x+3x-6/(x-2)(x+3) Step 4: 4x-6/(x-2)(x+3) A. She added the two fractions incorrectly. B. She used the wrong common denominator. C. She did not distribute the negative correctly. D. She did not multiply the first fraction by a factor.

Megan Page

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on October 29, 2018

We have been given the work of Riley. When you look at your work with care, we have to identify the error. So let's start from the beginning.The first line is only the question of what is that there will be no error.After that we try to factor denominators STEP 1: Factors are correct, so there is no error in step 1.In step 2, we need to find the common denominator will be (x-2)(x-3)(x+3)which means that she needs to multiply and divide the 2nd term by (x-2)(x-3), while that multiplied by just (x-2). Which means that you use wrong common denominator.Therefore, the final answer will be "B. She used the wrong common denominator."

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