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Respond in a paragraph and make sure your answer is written in complete sentences. Write a fully developed paragraph that contrasts the effects of war in two of the following works: "Cranes," "Thoughts of Hanoi," and "Tokyo."

Melissa Norris

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on August 10, 2018

"Cranes" took place in Korea during the Korean war. The two protagonists are childhood friends, but each grew up with different ideologies. The main message of the story is that friendship is greater than that of the ideologies and freedom must be valued in captivity. Nguyen Thi Vinh, "Thoughts of Hanoi" time setting is during the Vietnam war. In comparison with the "Cranes", the character in this poem, chosen more obligation than friendship. He doesn't want to kill their countrymen, but based on himself, he has no choice.

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