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Reasons of University students coming to the University campus, but not attending classes?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on July 18, 2018

Some reasons for College student failure and not attending classes may include: . No vision . Some students have articulated a clear vision of the future that intend to establish themselves. Thus, it is possible to take the appropriate training programs without a clear career goal or objective. In essence, they choose the evil more. . The lack of passion. Successful students work passion, love for what they want to do, and to understand the importance of the benefits that will bring people to himself. Without passion, study becomes a task, not the method for achieving clearly defined goals. . The lack of staff/work/school/family balance . What happens to the disciple and personal life, inevitably affects what happens at school. What happens in school will affect what happens in his personal life. The student requires time to be in class and some time to explore. However, there must be a time for family, friends, social activities and time to be alone. The key is to maintain an appropriate balance. . The lack of use of resources of the students. Really no reason for academic underperformance. Every College and University has an academic learning center where students can receive couples and faculty mentoring, free of charge. Many students do not seek help. . Be present on an evil, College or University. Some students in OK of admission to schools that are not familiar with. Thus, it can be depressed with the environment. The student should be satisfied with their schools, their environment and resources. This, in turn, has a negative impact on their studies. . The lack of maturity and discipline . Some students are not disciplined and have good organizational skills. Often come under pressure from their peers. Instead use a good yardstick forced to follow other users (in social) if you really need to satisfy your research. Again, the lack of balance.

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