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Read the passage from The Rámáyan of Válmíki. His brother, fell before his feet, And cried, "Thy claim all men allow: O come, our lord and king be thou." But Ráma nobly chose to be Observant of his sire’s decree. He placed his sandals in his hand A pledge that he would rule the land: And bade his brother turn again. Then Bharat, finding prayer was vain, The sandals took and went away; Nor in Ayodhyá would he stay. But turned to Nandigráma, where He ruled the realm with watchful care, Still longing eagerly to learn Tidings of Ráma’s safe return. Bharat is characterized as a(n) ______ king. A. ineffective B. envious C. reluctant D. spineless

Roger Moore

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on January 23, 2019

reluctant I think.

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