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Read the passage from The Iliad When Hector heard this he was glad, and went about among the Trojan ranks holding his spear by the middle to keep them back, and they all sat down at his bidding... Based on the passage, which description best characterizes Hector? O He is a supernatural force because he is powerful O He is an archetype because he is vital to the plot O He is a ruthless villain because he is aggressive. O He is an epic hero because he is a brave leader.

Justin Parker

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on November 20, 2018

Based on this passage, I think the description that best characterizes Hector is the last option - he is an epic hero, because he is a brave leader.You can see in the snippet that once he began to walk around his men, all of them stopped talking and calmed down, as if they admired him very much, that was the truth. He was a good leader and his men loved him and were devastated when he was killed at the end.

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