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Read the excerpt from Spencer's narrative. As we waited for our new football coach to enter the locker room, we all secretly wondered what he would be like. Would he be tough but fair? Would he be demanding but understanding? Would he motivate us before each game with a rousing speech the way Coach Jackson always had? These thoughts were abruptly interrupted when our new coach entered the locker room, stood before us, and commanded our attention. "He" was a "she"! Our new coach was a female? Stunned, my mouth gaping, I barely heard what she said to the team next. Which element of a personal narrative would be best for Spencer to include next? a.a paragraph that clearly establishes the narrative’s point of view b.engaging dialogue that tells the reader what the coach says to the team c.a thoughtful reflection that explains what the coach teaches Spencer d.detailed descriptions of each player’s reaction to the new coach

Kaitlin Dean

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on December 12, 2018

I think that the best element to include the following would be c. a wise reflection that explains what the coach teaches Spencer. A dialogue or detailed descriptions of each player's reaction would be too objective of a personal narrative. The narrative point of view is quite clear, so there is no reason to set further. On the other hand, a serious reflection would be a personal account that could testify to what the coach taught Spencer and express their personal opinion, and what that meant to him.

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