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Rank these acids in order of acidity (from most to least) and briefly explain why? H2F+ (CH3)2OH+ CH3OH CH3SH2+

Blair Lewis

in Chemistry

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on October 29, 2018

Order of acidity from most to least.H2F+ => CH3SH2+ => (CH3)2OH+ => CH3OH Here is an explanation that I have found searching for an answer to the above question."The ionization process depends on the rupture of the hydrogen bonding, so that the weaker the H–X bond, the stronger is the acid. The binding energies usually decrease down a group, because the distance between the nuclei increases. The effect of the acidity ranking H2F > CH3SH2 > (CH3)2OH . The effect is in charge of CH3OH the least acid. The reason that H2F is more acidic than CH3SH2 is that hf is more acidic than CH3SH. The charge effect should make it more acidic, and we assume that you do not change their relative order."

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