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Rackham's study found that during pre-negotiation planning, superior negotiators select one: a. considered a sole outcome option for the issue being discussed, and held firm to this ultimatum throughout the negotiation. b. spent very little time looking for areas of common ground. c. focused on the short-term consequences of different issues. d. prepared their goals around fixed points. e. none of the above.

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

Donald Ward on January 31, 2019

Rackham's study found that during the pre-negotiation, planning, top negotiators none of the above. Rackham, the study focused on the negotiation and planning for them. He focused on different types of communication for the negotiation and how he was able to change the outcome. Rackham found that in the face-to-face negotiations, it was more difficult to counter-proposals and more easy to make a clear offer.

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