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Question 5 what is particularly unique about the united states middle class? a. it is broken into two subcategories: upper and lower middle class. b. the people who are middle class often have little to no education. c. the upper class are as likely to become members of the lower class as members of the lower class are likely to become members of the upper class. d. it is the smallest class in the united states.

Whitney Matthews

in Social studies

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on June 17, 2018

a. It is divided into two sub-categories: lower-and upper-middle-class. the middle class is formed around the half of the united states of the population as defined by a number of factors such as income, style of life, and perhaps the notion. the income of the facet and style of life what is most important is that it leads to the division of this class into the top or bottom of the middle class.

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