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Question 23 Given the geometric sequence where a1 = 1 and the common ratio is 6, what is the domain for n? A) All integers where n ≥ 1 B) All integers C) All integers where n ≥ −1 D) All integers where n ≥ 0 Question 24 Find the sum of a finite geometric sequence from n = 1 to n = 5, using the expression −3(4)n − 1. A) -1,023 B) 1,223 C) 1,023 D) −4,374

Timothy Norman

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Megan Page on April 4, 2018

An=a1(r^(n-1))=1(r^(n-1))=r^(n-1)domanim means of which numbers can be usenormally you can say "first term, second term, etc", so it is all the integers from 1 of them and above itintegers >1A is answer24-3(4^(n-1))evalueate each of the one or the use of the sum of the function calculator-3(4^(1-1))=-3-3(4^(2-1))=-12-3(4^(3-1))=-48-3(4^(4-1))=-192-3(4^(5-1))=-768add them-3-12-48-192-768=-1023A is answer23. A24. A

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