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Quechua is best described as __. A. the language of the Incas B. the food of the Incas C. the art of the Incas D. the history of the Incas

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on July 14, 2018

Quechua is best described as "the language of the Incas". Quechua is the language of the Incas and the local language of the most prominent of its use in South America, stretching from northern Argentina to southern Colombia, including the present regions of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia . The number of clusters and the tones of the strings were of the form to the substance of the messages. Recent research suggests that the quipu may also have been used to record the dialect phonetically. Etymologists have brought up that in the Quechua dialect is extremely difficult, and in some ways more accurate than the Spanish or the English, and considerably more extensive vocabulary.

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