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¿Qué frase describe cuando dices algo que no debes decir? choices el le toma el pelo de ella Ella mete la nariz en todo Ella es la nina de mis ojos ¡Manten la frente en alto! Dame la mano. Cuesta un ojo de la cara Meti la pata

Jennifer Patterson

in Spanish

1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on January 12, 2019

The best option would be the last, since that means something like " I was wrong. The question is a phrase that describes when you say something that I shouldn't have said. the first means that he grabs her hair, that doesn't make sense, so that does not work. The second says that she sticks her nose in everything. the third is that she is the apple of my eye(or dreams, because that is what it really means). The fourth is to Maintain the high forehead( which in Spanish is like saying don't give up keep going, it is only in English doesn't make much sense) the fifth is give me your hand. The sixth is that it costs a lot, and the last is that the leg or I was mistaken.. so this one of the sounds of the bestHope this helps

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