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Process that takes place at mid-ocean ridges A. Sea-floor spreading B. Continental drift C. Magnetic reversal D. Magnetic minerals E. Fossils

James Washington

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1 answer

Dana Keller on August 13, 2018

Response;-Sea-floor spreading Sea floor spreading is the process that takes place at mid-ocean ridges, the evidence is in the magnetic minerals in the bottom of the ocean.Explanation;-the expansion of the ocean floor is a geological process in which the tectonic plates, large slabs of the lithosphere of the Earth; they are separated from one another. -The expansion of the sea floor and other tectonic activity, processes are the result of convection in the mantle. Mantle convection is the slow, churning movement of the Earth's mantle. Seafloor spreading occurs at divergent plate boundaries. As the tectonic plates to slowly move away from each other, the heat of the mantle convection currents makes the cortex more plastic and less dense.

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