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Political parties first _____ to nominate presidential candidates.? (thanks will award Best Answer) 6. Political parties first _____ to nominate presidential candidates. A. held national conventions B. held popular elections C. used congressional caucuses D. asked political party contributors 8. The selection of delegates to the national convention produces _____. A. unity...

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on February 7, 2019

6. I think the answer is: C. used in the congress caucusesCongressional discussion groups refers to a group of members of congress who held the same goal to move from a type of law that would benefit them in some aspects. Not necessarily belong in the same party, and who often trade favors with the purpose of providing each other with the votes during the creation of the legislation.8. I think the answer is: Political partiesIn the united states, the National Conventions are held in order to appoint the cnadidates who is going to run for the presidential position. In the convention, each party shall designate their own designated person who usually have similar beliefs with the parties.

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