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Police can estimate the speed of a vehicle before the brakes are applied using the formula 0.75d = s^2 / 30.25 where is the speed in miles per hour d is the length of the vehicle's skid marks. What was the approximate speed of a vehicle that left a skid mark measuring 160 feet? 1.about 36 miles per hour 2."" 60 "" 3."" 13 "" 4"" 54 ""

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on February 10, 2018

So we need the formula for calculating the speed of a vehicle before the breaks were applied using the measurement of the skid marks: we also know of our problem that the vehicle left a skid mark measuring 160 meters, so that . Allows you to replace that value in our formula to find the speed :it can be concluded that the speed of the car before the brakes were applied was about 60 miles per hour.

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