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PLZ HELP1. What is China's form of currency? Yen Euro Ruble Yuan 2. The largest mass migration in human history has taken place in China. Why? Chinese are seeking political amnesty in other countries. Chinese are moving from the rural areas to fast­ growing suburbs. Workers are leaving the rural areas to work in urban factories. Flooding and other natural disasters have driven millions of Chinese to flee the rural areas. 3. Which trend is true regarding China's economic impact

on transportation use? More people are riding bicycles due to increased traffic congestion. More people are becoming prosperous and can now afford vehicles. More people are relying on public transportation due to cheaper cost. More people are carpooling, resulting in less traffic and reduced levels of smog. 4. What is a downside to growth in China? changing standards of living urban pollution and forest loss new kinds of jobs political upheaval 5. Which is not a major factor resulting in pollution from increased economic activity in China? More people are driving motor vehicles. More factories are burning coal. More farmlands are being cleared. More bicycles are being used for traveling purposes. 6. Economic trends in China's Gross Domestic Product over a 50­year period can best be described as: a gradual but steady decline in economic activity. relatively stable with low levels of economic activity from the 1950s to the late 1990s. a gradual but steady increase in economic activity. initially stable with a drastic increase in economic activity starting in the late 1980s. 7. The Communist concept of collectivism has been (1 point) replaced with ideas of private enterprise due to a booming economy. reinforced due to increased levels of poverty. maintained due to strong, Chinese religious beliefs. forced onto many Chinese peasants by the government because they have little wealth. 8. China's fishing industry is (1 point) prospering due to the many efforts to maintain the water's purity. steadily declining due to increases in demand, which exceeds the quantity of fish that are reproduced annually. steadily declining due to pollutants being dumped into the water without government regulation. steadily declining because Chinese peasants are using water to bathe and wash dirty clothes. 9. Which best describes China's economic impact on living conditions and trends? The standard of living has improved for more people in recent years. The standard of living has declined for a majority of the population. More people are becoming peasants and the rich are not becoming richer. The population as a whole is becoming equally well off in terms of income.

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on February 26, 2018

1) D2) C3) B4) B5) D6) D7) A8) C9)

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