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PLZ HELP ASAP!!!!!!!! WILL GIVE BRAINLEIST!!!!!!! what was one reason many africans resisted european colonization efforts A) they were concerned about not receiving enough money to develop an education system B) they disagreed with many European ideas and cultures C) they wanted to work cooperatively with the Europeans to improve their country D) they were envious of European technologies and industry

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on April 18, 2019

B) they did not agree with many of the European ideas and culturesAfrican resistance was not in the technology or products being brought in, but in place of restrictions on their culture, in particular, their religion. The europeans tried to bring the christian faith to the new colonies. With this, often, came the outlawing of the African practices such as rituals and praise to the spirits of nature. They also affected the structure and functions of the African tribes that gave power to the members of the tribe who had not earned that power.

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