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Please show your work, I have no idea how to do this 9. Solve the exponential equation 1/16 = 64^(4x-3) 11. Solve ln(5x + 7) = 8. Round to the nearest thousandth. 12. Use natural logarithms to solve the equation. Round to the nearest thousandth. 5e^(2x+11) = 30 (that "e" is not a variable btw. It's e as in 2.71828.... I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion)

Bethany Evans

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on August 29, 2018

Woahwelle^ln(x)=xln(e)=1ln(e^x)=x if gotsa^x=a^b, where a=a, then suppose that x=b(x^m)^n=x^(mn) bases1/16=1/(4^2)=4^-264^(4x-3)=(4^3)^(4x-3)=4^(3(4x-3))=4^(12x-9)so that gots4^-2=4^(12x-9)party base-2=12x-9add 97=12x7/12=x11.ln(x)=log_e(x)andlog_a(b)=c is translated to a^c=bln(5x+7)=8this translatest finger^8=5x+7minus 7e^8-7=5x12.divide both sides by 5e^(2x+11)=6take ln of both sides2x+11=ln(6)2x=ln(6)-11

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