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Please help me with this!!!! Question 1 (Fill-In-The-Blank Worth 1 points) Margarita: A mí me _____________ mucho este cuadro. Es bellísimo. Answer for Blank 1: --------------------------------------... Question 2 (Fill-In-The-Blank Worth 1 points) Julio: Pero llevan vestidos muy bonitos con muchos ______________. Answer for Blank 1: --------------------------------------... Question 3 (Fill-In-The-Blank Worth 1 points)

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

Megan Page on November 5, 2018

Answer blank 1: I really like this box. It is beautiful (If you highlight something related to an object, it will probably be because you like).Blank answer 2:But wear dresses very beautiful with many ornaments (or something like that; he is talking about the dresses and how beautiful they are, so that any noun related to ornaments would fit perfectly).

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