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Please check my answers Help please. How would you say "I bought a necklace" in spanish? _____ un collar. A. Compro B.Compró C. Compraste D.Compré How would you say, "They bought sunglasses" in Spanish? ____ antejos de sol. A. Comprasteis B. Compramos C.Compraron D. Compró 3.What is the correct way to say"I looked for" in Spanish? A. busqué B.buscé C.busco D. buscó I think 1. is Compre un collar. 2. Compraron 3. idk please help!

Ross Pratt

in Spanish

1 answer

1 answer

Roger Moore on December 11, 2018

1. Compré2. Bought 3. I searched

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