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Place the following in order of increasing acid strength. HBrO2 HBrO3 HBrO HBrO4 A) HBrO2 < HBrO4 < HBrO < HBrO3 B) HBrO < HBrO2 < HBrO3 < HBrO4 C) HBrO2 < HBrO3 < HBrO4 < HBrO D) HBrO4 < HBrO2 < HBrO3 < HBrO E) HBrO < HBrO4 < HBrO3 < HBrO2

Daniel King

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1 answer

1 answer

Caroline Campbell on October 21, 2018

I think that the correct order in accordance with the increase of the strength of the acid would be that of option B. The order is:HBrO < HBrO2 < HBrO3 < HBrO4The more oxygen atoms means the easiest of the hydronium ions is eliminated in aqueous solution, because the oxygen has a high electronegativity.

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