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Petroleum can be separated by distillation because the hydrocarbons in petroleum are a) elements with identical boiling points b) elements with different boiling points c) compounds with identical boiling points d) compounds with different boiling point

Curtis Rhodes

in Chemistry

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on April 8, 2018

Answer: Option-D (Compounds with different boiling point)Explanation: Compound is defined as a molecule that is formed from two or more different elements. All compounds are molecules but all molecules are not compounds, for example, N₂, O₂, S₈, H₂, F₂ etc., are molecules but not compounds. The oil is a crude mixture of variety of hydrocarbons that contain carbon and hydrogen as primary elements, along with other hetero-elements such as nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur, etc, therefore, these hydrocarbons can be referred to as compounds because they are composed of at least two essential elements like hydrogen and carbon. In the second place, the process of distillation works on the basis of the difference in the boiling points of the compounds present in the Oil. Therefore, the compounds with lower boiling point evaporates first and the first mixture and vice versa.

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