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Participants in a study of a new medication received either medication A or a placebo. Find P(placebo and improvement). Of all those who participated in the study, 80% received medication A. Of those who received medication A, 76% reported an improvement. Of those who received a placebo, 62% reported no improvement... Please help, I have absolutely NO clue how to go about this. Maybe walk me through it? I don't just want the answer, please.

Roger Moore

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1 answer

1 answer

Curtis Rhodes on July 10, 2018

Hi, it's going to be very easy if you start by drawing a tree diagram and trace the chances. Then you simply have to multiply the odds of a placebo, and improvement. -----80% Drug -----76% improvement -----24% does not improve|------20%with Placebo --------62% no improvement -----------38% improvementSolving for P(placebo and improvement) = .20 x .38 = 0.076 = 7.6%

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